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Recent Case Studies

Presentations & Papers

Regulatory Inspection Preparedness Training Webinar
Presented by Sandra Perry


EHS Reporting Due Dates

Prepared by Mike Rioux, CHMM


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 50 10 5(K)
March 2019, Written by Erin Pike


Proposed Revisions to Chapter 101: Visible Emissions Regulation
August 2018, Prepared by Mike Rioux, CHMM


Keys to an Effective Environmental Risk Management Program (ERMP)
March 2017, Featured in the Maine Real Estate Insider, Written by Don McFadden


Salt Contamination of Private Wells: It’s Not as Simple as It May Seem: Maine Water Conference
November 2016, Presented at Unity College by Keith Taylor


Sustainable Stormwater Infrastructure = Sustainable Growth: Perspectives on Stormwater Service Fee Programs and Credits
November 2016, Presented at MEREDA Morning Menu


Environmental Training Requirements Webinar
October 2016, Presented by Mike Rioux, CHMM and Sandra Perry


Spill Reporting Webinar
July 2016, Presented by Mike Rioux, CHMM and Ellen J. Rathbone


Growing from Within – Maine’s Environmental Services Cluster
October 2015, Presented at E2Tech Expo by Patrick Coughlin


Green Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Groundwater Using Oxygen Injection 
March 2012, Presented at Maine Water Conference by Brian Bachmann and Keith Taylor


Dioxin Soil Cleanup Case Study 
October 2011, Presented at AEHS/UMASS Conference by Keith Taylor and Patrick Coughlin


Regulatory Updates for MEMA Convention
June 2010, MEMA Convention, Patrick Coughlin


Brownfields New DEP Soil Cleanup Standards
April,2010, Presented by Keith Taylor


Mining for Gold in RCRA 
March 2009, MHA Presentation, Mike RIoux


Environmental Compliance Using Common IT Tools
October 2008, MODA Conference, Patrick Coughlin


Ground Water Extraction, Surface Water Recharge and the New DEP In-Stream Flow Rule: Rangeley Water District Case Study 

October 2007, Presented by Keith Taylor


Convenience Store Permitting and Design Presentation 

November 2006, Presented at the MODAConference by Patrick Coughlin

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